Where in the World

Where in the World?

Career Development Practitioners (CDPs) understand that many of the immigrants who come to Canada are highly skilled, educated, and ready to work in their pre-immigration careers. In fact, some have been actively recruited to come here as skilled workers in identified professions with skill gaps (e.g., doctors), already having their credentials and education reviewed by […]... Read More

Tips For Mothers Returning To Work

1. Warn family members.  Changes are coming; you’ll need to help your family understand how responsibilities and routines may shift.  Reassure them of what will stay the same in the process. 2.  Abandon “mom guilt.”  Many mothers struggle with worry and guilt about the decision to work outside the home. Stop worrying what might happen or […]... Read More

Surviving Your New Job: Tips for Older Workers

Contributed by Michele Matheson  Older workers often face many myths and unique struggles while finding a new job. Upon arrival to their new workplace they may not see peers that resemble themselves age wise immediately. Working with their new team they may not feel the fit right away. Their peers may have some interesting pre-conceived […]... Read More

Recognizing the Multifaceted Nature of Diversity – Tips for CDPs

Career development practitioners (CDPs) regularly work within a fixed program/service mandate, typically stipulated by the funding source. For many, such a mandate often defines a very specific client group (e.g., immigrants). This approach tends to lump all clients from a particular group into one category, forgetting that diversity is far more complex. At Life Strategies, […]... Read More

Parents Building Multilingualism In A Multicultural Economy

Photo by James Wilkinson Another September rolls around and the stories about a need for increased French Immersion in communities begins to hit the media. At the end of August I was asked for an interview with La Source, a French newspaper that focuses on diversity. The reporter had a passionate interest in French as […]... Read More

Top 3 Benefits Of Diversity

Currently I am the Manager of the Abbotsford Works Employment Service Centre.  Our program has over four locations offering employment focused programming to the community of Abbotsford, British Columbia. Throughout my management career I’ve met many different people from many different backgrounds. From my experience I’ve noticed three top benefits of having a diverse workplace: […]... Read More