Career Engagement


A friend of my works as a part-time photographer and I really love the concept of “community over competition” that she and peers operate by. It...

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Community over Competition

Online technologies can be a great option to bridge geographic divides and bring dispersed groups together. At Life Strategies we regularly use severa...

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Online Facilitation: No Way!


I attended a meeting today that left me feeling sad – an organization that I work with chose to disband their Research and Development Committee, a ...

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Why Research Matters


In the past few weeks I’ve been interviewed on the radio and written an opinion piece on the changing nature of work and the importance of lifelong ...

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Staying Ahead of the Curve


I am privileged to live a very interesting life at the moment, crossing the world several times each year and, within the past 22 months, visiting all...

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The Dance of Diversity