Persevering Beyond Unexpected, Embarrassing, or Stressful Interview Situations

By now you’ve likely seen the video of the professor who was interrupted by his children during a live interview; if not, it’s worth a watch (see Although this wasn’t a job interview, it got me thinking about the implications for job seekers in interview situations. What can you do to recover from these types of embarrassing situations? How can you appropriately handle the stress and move forward within the context of a job interview?

It’s important to stay calm, take a deep breath to compose yourself, and assess the situation. Offer apologies if it’s something under your control and, if you can, quickly remedy the

Woman during job interview and four elegant members of management; Shutterstock ID 370947476; PO: angelikiJ-for robin kawakami

situation. For those things that are out of your control, try not to dwell on it and move forward. Unexpected, embarrassing, and stressful situations happen on the job as well so take this as an opportunity to show the employer just how you’d handle similar situations. Everyone makes mistakes; it’s how you handle them that will demonstrate your integrity and value to the employer.

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