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Work-Life Balance

    Work. Lots of stuff goes on at work — interpersonal dynamics, personality clashes, team cohesiveness, corporate culture — and then economic ups and downs. Findings ways to regroup, streamline, engage, and play up strengths available is something company management and leadership looks to do. Many companies right now are evaluating how best to […]... Read More

New Year, New Goals

With a new year come new goals and fresh starts. Goals & Fresh Starts Part of being involved in career development involves helping people clarify their goals, and find ways to realize them, if possible. Some people are facing changes brought on by the global economic downturn — they might have to search for more work, […]... Read More

The Quest for Balance in Personal and Professional Lives

The idea of balance is sometimes an elusive one. Everyone strives for it. Much has been written on it…. but working for it and attaining it is another level of commitment and awareness — but oh so worth it! In my own efforts to navigate the ocean of work/life balance, I find that this is […]... Read More

Picture Book of Goals: Happenstance

When creating a picture book of goals, it is infused with very personal goals and emotions. Sometimes, we have precise ideas about what it is that we want, which will reduce the number of possibilities that could be considered as resolutions, or solutions, to the desired goal. By putting images and words on a visualization […]... Read More

Picture Book of Goals: Lifelong Learning

When putting together a picture book of goals, planning and deciding on sub-goals are important steps towards making those goals happen. Sometimes, the steps and sub-goals can mean more education or skills upgrading. This is all part of Lifelong Learning. Learning – not just for kids anymore!Adult education, or student-centred education, is a growing area […]... Read More

Picture Book of Goals & Visualization Boards

Just to shift gears for a moment here, I was inspired once again by the idea of visualization boards, or picture books of goals. Choosing carefully pictures, images, and words that represent important goals and dreams is a lovely, reflective process. It takes a bit of time to think through what you want, where you […]... Read More

Sustainability: Green Jobs

Sustainability (n): the property of being sustainable Sustainable (adj.): Capable of being sustained. Capable of being continued with minimal long-term effect on the environment. This word has so many layers to it in today’s world. Many people wish to sustain their jobs, to sustain their family relationships, to sustain in ecological and economical ways that […]... Read More

Recipe for Sustainability: An Employee Perspective

  Recipe for Sustainability: An Employee Perspective 1 Cup of Flexibility 2 Cups of Work-Life Balance 1 Teaspoon of Lifelong Learning 1 Dash of Employee Incentives and Appreciation It’s almost hard to believe that I have been working at Life Strategies for over 2 years now…looking back it still feels like it was just yesterday […]... Read More