Achieving Fulfilment in Retirement

Contributed by Jenny Holt During our working lifetimes, we undergo a journey  to find professional fulfilment, often leaving our personal life as an afterthought squeezed out by the daily preoccupation with all things work-related. But as retirement looms, it becomes apparent that work isn’t everything; once retirement age hits, many will be left with a void […]... Read More

Canada Career Month – What Have We Learned?

Canada Career Month 2016 is coming to an end and, at some point, those behind the initiative will likely evaluate its impact and determine its overall success. It has been exciting to see the evolution from career week to career month and how technology and social media have been leveraged to help spread the word. […]... Read More

“Me to We” Principles in the Office

If you haven’t heard of Craig and Marc Kielburger, “We Day,” or the “Me to We” movement, you may be missing out on some helpful office-based tips. Essentially, Me to We is focused on the application of social consciousness principles throughout your life (e.g., commuting to work, sustainable agriculture, philanthropy). In the workplace, this is […]... Read More

Writing Professionally: A Forgotten Art in the Technological Age?

Even if you’re not a professional “writer,” writing professionally is an important skill to develop in order to effectively communicate your ideas to others. As a career practitioner, you should know that writing is an Essential Skill; a skill used in a variety of ways across all professions (e.g., an administrative assistant takes phone messages, […]... Read More

What’s in a Name? Certificate, Credential, Designation, Diploma, or Degree

As a student advisor and professional within the career development sector, I often field questions about the difference between obtaining a certificate, being certified, or obtaining a certification, credential, designation, diploma, or degree. The terminology can be confusing, a matter not helped by inconsistent application of terms.   I’ve outlined the key differences below which will […]... Read More

Saudi Reflections on Career Engagement

This week I had the privilege of working with some of Saudi Arabia’s best and brightest young professionals and the expatriate career and HR specialists who support them. As co-developer of the Career Engagement model, it was encouraging to see how well the model represented their experiences and inspired strategies for achieving and sustaining career […]... Read More