“Me to We” Principles in the Office

If you haven’t heard of Craig and Marc Kielburger, “We Day,” or the “Me to We” movement, you may be missing out on some helpful office-based tips. Essentially, Me to We is focused on the application of social consciousness principles throughout your life (e.g., commuting to work, sustainable agriculture, philanthropy). In the workplace, this is […]... Read More

Writing Professionally: A Forgotten Art in the Technological Age?

Even if you’re not a professional “writer,” writing professionally is an important skill to develop in order to effectively communicate your ideas to others. As a career practitioner, you should know that writing is an Essential Skill; a skill used in a variety of ways across all professions (e.g., an administrative assistant takes phone messages, […]... Read More

What’s in a Name? Certificate, Credential, Designation, Diploma, or Degree

As a student advisor and professional within the career development sector, I often field questions about the difference between obtaining a certificate, being certified, or obtaining a certification, credential, designation, diploma, or degree. The terminology can be confusing, a matter not helped by inconsistent application of terms.   I’ve outlined the key differences below which will […]... Read More

Saudi Reflections on Career Engagement

This week I had the privilege of working with some of Saudi Arabia’s best and brightest young professionals and the expatriate career and HR specialists who support them. As co-developer of the Career Engagement model, it was encouraging to see how well the model represented their experiences and inspired strategies for achieving and sustaining career […]... Read More
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Career Inspiration: Olympic Edition

Contributed by Kristin Konieczny This month, the world has directed their attention to the 2016 Summer Olympic games. When watching the endless hours of coverage, it’s easy to appreciate the thing that unites these tremendous athletes – the hours of training, practice, and competition they’ve put into reaching what is likely the pinnacle of their […]... Read More
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Acronyms & Anchors: Language and Corporate Culture

This summer, Life Strategies hired a program assistant to support a variety of projects. As with any new employee, there were many things Kristin needed to learn. Along with tangible items like policy and procedure, she needed to learn about our “corporate culture” (i.e.,  our corporate beliefs and values).Corporate culture can, at times, be difficult […]... Read More

Celebrating Our Similarities . . . And What Makes Us Unique

The Ted Talk, Who Are You, Really? The Puzzle of Personality, appeared in my Twitter feed today. As my work often focuses on personality, and specifically how personality impacts communication, conflict, and career I thought it was worth watching. I was right! In his 15-minute talk, Dr. Brian Little explores some of the commonly known […]... Read More
RN Blog Retracing Your Career Steps 2016 07 11

Retracing Your Career Steps

Norm Amundson, in his “physics of living” model, speaks of the importance of the backswing to any effective type of forward motion. As I prepare for an upcoming move of my home and offices, I’ve been taking the time to sort through files and boxes that have travelled with me over the course of my […]... Read More

Career Engagement and “Good Jobs”

Written by Drs. Roberta Neault and Deirdre Pickerell In a recent edition of the National Employment Counselling Association’s (NECA) NECA News, Dr. Michael Lazarchick drew on Work Shift (; to reflect on what constitutes a “good job.” He noted four key factors – stability, opportunity, flexibility, and pride. We thought it might be interesting […]... Read More