Staying Ahead of the Curve

In the past few weeks I’ve been interviewed on the radio and written an opinion piece on the changing nature of work and the importance of lifelong learning. Just the other day, I finished an article on ensuring ethical practice within the ever-changing labour market where an underlying theme was related to learning. Perhaps now […]... Read More

Canada Career Month – What Have We Learned?

Canada Career Month 2016 is coming to an end and, at some point, those behind the initiative will likely evaluate its impact and determine its overall success. It has been exciting to see the evolution from career week to career month and how technology and social media have been leveraged to help spread the word. […]... Read More

Celebrating Our Similarities . . . And What Makes Us Unique

The Ted Talk, Who Are You, Really? The Puzzle of Personality, appeared in my Twitter feed today. As my work often focuses on personality, and specifically how personality impacts communication, conflict, and career I thought it was worth watching. I was right! In his 15-minute talk, Dr. Brian Little explores some of the commonly known […]... Read More

Career Engagement and “Good Jobs”

Written by Drs. Roberta Neault and Deirdre Pickerell In a recent edition of the National Employment Counselling Association’s (NECA) NECA News, Dr. Michael Lazarchick drew on Work Shift (; to reflect on what constitutes a “good job.” He noted four key factors – stability, opportunity, flexibility, and pride. We thought it might be interesting […]... Read More

Maintaining Professional Memberships and Credentials

It is that time of year . . . the time when many of us are renewing annual professional memberships and credentials. Based on recent social media posts, this time also brings reflection on whether there is value for the money. Professionally, I spend $500 annually to maintain just one credential, not including the professional […]... Read More

Who Are “We,” Really? Specialist, Generalist, or Both?

In July 2015, Life Strategies was again named as one of Business in Vancouver’s Top Sales and Management Training Firms in BC. We are often on this list and it is always a privilege to receive this recognition. However, it also causes us to pause to consider our corporate identity. Many on our team would […]... Read More

2015 . . . The Year to Finally Embrace the Chaos of “Career”

Many New Year’s resolutions focus on finding better or more satisfying work, improving work-life balance, or getting a raise or promotion. In seeking to fulfill these resolutions, people will set goals and create actions plans, and then be frustrated when these carefully-crafted plans fail. That may seem harsh but by now, nearing the end of […]... Read More

Embracing Technology and Building Technical Skills

Technological advances are pervasive in our society, impacting almost every aspect of our life – including work. Smartphones, laptops, and/or tablets are used daily and information can be pulled seamlessly off the “cloud.” In some cases, we don’t even need to press buttons but rather simply wave our hand or ask a question to get a […]... Read More

View Your RFP as a Job Interview

I recently attended a training session focused on responding to the newly implemented Short-Form Requests for Proposals (SRFPs; 2-page short form for procurement of services used by the BC Government for selected projects).  During the session we had the opportunity to read a sample SRFP, collectively compose/submit a proposal, and review another submission.  It was […]... Read More