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“Beyond the Basics” Gets a Refresh

We’re excited to finally announce the publication of Career Development for Diverse Clients: Beyond the Basics. The book features 35 chapters examining the unique challenges that individuals from a variety of populations may face as they move their careers forward while simultaneously challenging complex barriers to their employment and career success. This re-imagining of Roberta’s […]... Read More
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Saudi Reflections

As I prepare to board the last flight home on my Saudi Arabian experience as a trainer/consultant, I’m trying to sort through my thoughts and feelings. Although I’ve written on countless topics, in a wide range of publications, I’m pondering how to effectively communicate the difference between my expectations and the reality of my 12 […]... Read More

Career Development in Zimbabwe

Contributed by Pardingtone Nhundu The mere utterance of the term Career Guidance in Zimbabwe brings a number of assumptions in many people’s heads. For students it’s another subject to be done; for parents it’s a worthy cause for their children but most cannot invest in it or pay for it; for teachers this is the […]... Read More

Let’s “Talk” About Diversity

Life Strategies, and our President, Dr. Roberta Neault, is known for an incredible body of work focused on diversity and global career mobility, whether that is through consulting, presentations, webinars or publications. Here are links to two recent publications our blog readers may be interested in:   Career Development in a Global Economy: The Diverse […]... Read More

Barriers? What Barriers?

In supporting clients with their career development, often times the focus is helping individuals overcome barriers such as language, education level, or age.  However, classifying certain things as “barriers” as can be short sighted.  Often the very things that we view as disadvantages can be advantages. At the moment I’m only a few chapters into […]... Read More

Even More Challenges for Internationally Trained Professionals

Earlier this year our team had the opportunity to meet several internationally trained professionals (ITPs), from a wide range of countries and representing a number of different professional occupations. All of these individuals had made the decision to immigrate to Canada and were committed to staying here, putting down roots, and raising their families. All, […]... Read More

Building a Workplace Culture That Embraces Diversity

I’ve spoken and written about the benefits of diversity for years and on six continents. However, as the adage goes, “we teach what we need to learn” and I’m definitely still learning. This year I’ve had the privilege of co-leading a research team to learn from internationally-trained professionals themselves about the challenges in the foreign […]... Read More
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Diversity Within the Workplace

It’s always interesting to me how work clusters within Life Strategies – we seem to go through seasons of topical presentations, typically driven by external requests not intentional marketing. The theme of our current season is “diversity within the workplace.” Earlier this year we conducted research for S.U.C.C.E.S.S. and its government funders on challenges associated […]... Read More