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Commitment in the Workplace

In previous blogs we’ve highlighted appreciation and contribution, but why include commitment as an element of career engagement? These two quotes speak to the importance of commitment: “Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes… but no plans.” –Peter F. Drucker “Individual commitment to a group effort — that is what makes a […]... Read More

Your Contributions Matter

In our last blog you read about the role of appreciation in employee engagement, I’d like to introduce you to another component of the Life Strategies’ Employee Engagement model: Contribution. Engagement means being involved and invested in the future or organization. It’s about actively contributing to making your organization more successful. In light of this, […]... Read More
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Appreciation Makes a Difference!

Appreciation is a core component of two of Life Strategies’ models: Employee Engagement and Let’s CHAT! (a coaching tool). The element was embedded into both models for very similar reasons – many people today feel underappreciated…and appreciation does make a significant difference. According to the Bully Free at Work Blog, Appreciation is one of the […]... Read More

Social Media in the workplace

I recently had the opportunity to attend a conference about the use of social media in business. For many of us using social media (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) is a huge leap from the communication style that we are familiar with. Recent studies illustrate the importance of becoming educated in the use and benefits of […]... Read More

Olympic-Themed Activities

The Olympics officially starts today. Life Strategies Ltd. is lucky enough to be located just outside of Vancouver, close enough to feel the excitement that the games are producing amongst locals. Fiona already mentioned our attendance at the torch relay that came through Aldergrove at the beginning of the week as just one of the […]... Read More

Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics and Employee Engagement

Life Strategies Ltd. is located in Aldergrove, BC which is just outside of Vancouver; and next week Vancouver is hosting the 2010 Winter Olympics. One Olympic tradition is the Torch Relay. The Torch Relay began on October 30, 2009 in Victoria, BC and will be making its way through Aldergrove, BC on February 8, 2010. […]... Read More

Book Review: The Power of Inclusion

Title: The Power of Inclusion: Unlock the Potential and Productivity of Your Workforce Authors: Michael C. Hyter and Judith Turnock Rating: 3.5 stars Available: To purchase online and at various book stores. With constantly advancing technology and increasing globalization, employee performance is what distinguishes top performing businesses from the rest. Hyter and Turnock highlight the […]... Read More
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Winter Wonderland? How to Prepare for Snow Days

In British Columbia we’ve just recently received our first snow fall which has covered our roads making the commute into work a potentially dangerous time. Snow-covered, icy roads can present a barrier for many in keeping business going as usual however, by providing employees with a “snow day plan” you can help keep them safe […]... Read More
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Celebrating the Holiday Season With Your Work Team

Tradition is defined by as “a customary or characteristic method or manner.”[1] At Life Strategies we have several holiday traditions that bring us together as a team. Each year, around December, we get together to go out to an event. In my time working with Life Strategies we have gone to a Pantomime play […]... Read More