An Interview with  Anahita Kadkhoda, CMPP Instructor

Meet Anahita Kadkhoda, a long-time CMPP instructor, who we will be profiling this month. Student’s have described her as “kind, respectful, and helpful” and an integral component in ensuring our courses “provoke thought and deepened insight into important issues.”

Below is a short Q&A session to help you get to know her better.

Q1: What drew you to instructing within the Career Management Professional Program (CMPP)?
I met Roberta back in 1997 at a conference in California where I was completing my Master’s Degree. I was immediately impressed by the work that she was doing and kept in touch when I moved back to Vancouver. I liked the different courses that was offered by CMPP and the practical application of them. So in 2010 I asked Roberta if I could join in and instruct some of the courses, and that is how my journey with Life Strategies and CMPP began.

Q2: What tips or strategies would you share with our students for succeeding in the program?
Sometimes when students take courses online, they do not realize how much work is involved. The courses at CMPP are very robust and you can learn a lot from them if you really put your energy and focus. Because the courses are typically 2 weeks in duration, time flies, so you need to be very organized and committed to make sure you stay on top of the assignments and discussions.

Q3: What emerging trends, tools, and/or perspectives would you like to draw our students’ attention to?
The other hat I wear these days is a Training and Development Specialist working with different organizations and industries. I see many organizations trying to leverage technology to deliver training to their employees. They want to provide flexible and just in time training for their workforce recognizing all the different responsibilities they have at work and in their personal lives. This is true for our own clients, as we look at different ways to support them, we need to become more agile and flexible in delivering workshops and providing support.

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