An Interview with Herky Cutler, CMPP Instructor

Meet Herky Cutler, a long-time CMPP instructor, who we will be profiling this month. Student’s have described him as respectful, kind, and seriously knowledgeable. Students have found him ” very responsive,” embedding “lots of humour and fun” in his courses. We’re happy to have him on our instructional team.
Below is a short Q&A session to help you get to know him better.

Q1: What drew you to instructing within the Career Management Professional Program (CMPP)?

It was my connection to Roberta and Deirdre that first started me thinking about becoming involved. I’ve known them for a long time and was fortunate enough to do some co-facilitating with them. Through those experiences, I realized how much they knew about career development, and how passionate they were about the field. Once I took the first step and tried it out, I was hooked. I realized what a great opportunity this was for folks to learn about career development in a different way, and I thought the quality of the courses was excellent.

Q2: What tips or strategies would you share with our students for succeeding in the program?

Breathe!…smiling…It’s an INTENSE experience for two weeks, especially if you’re juggling a job and a family. I

would also recommend students opening their hearts to allow other points of view to be expressed and to be considered. We’re all learning, and sometimes other students or instructors might push buttons, intentionally or otherwise. In those instances, I would suggest students “soften” and be respectful. Another thing that would REALLY help me as an instructor is for students to express their opinions early on about something they may be having difficulty with. Carrying resentment and then noting that in the evaluation negates the opportunity for resolving issues and maximizing the learning opportunity.

Q3: What emerging trends, tools, and/or perspectives would you like to draw our students’ attention to?

There are so many. Resumes are changing in terms of the way they are being screened and used. A social media presence/proficiency is mandatory now. Knowing how to tap into the hidden job market is even more important than that. Interview strategies are changing as employers are insisting that candidates demonstrate any and all of the skills they profess to have. Trends in the gig economy, virtual reality, and teaming will also have impacts on how candidates apply for work. I could go on…

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