An Interview with Michael Sorsdahl, LearnOnline Instructor

Meet Michael Sorsdahl, the next instructor who we will be profiling this August. Our students have described him as positive, supportive, accommodating, and knowledgeable. Currently, Michael instructs our CPE 510 and 521 psychometric training program along with some of our CMPP courses.

Below is a short Q&A session to help you get to know him better.
Q1: What drew you to instructing within Life Strategies LearnOnline’s program?

What first drew me to instruct with Life Strategies’ LearnOnline program was being a student within it, and seeing the enormous benefit to helping practitioners. As a practicing psychotherapist and instructor at other institutions, I saw the need to learn more about career development as an important piece to personal identity. I appreciated the on-line capacity and flexibility for those students who work, like myself, and I see it as the way of the future in education. I wanted to stay connected with this program, and saw the opportunity to instruct in areas that I could help share my knowledge with Life Strategies.

Q2: What tips or strategies would you share with our students for succeeding in the program?

One of the most important tips and strategies I have for students to ensure success is to interact and engage with the other students as much as possible. The best learning happens with others (virtually or in person), where you can learn from their perspectives and experiences. People are doing so many amazing things in their lives in the area of career, which can only add to course material that is presented in the program.

Q3: What emerging trends, tools, and/or perspectives would you like to draw our students’ attention to?

One of the emerging trends I see happening comes with the rise of technology and social networking. Through exploring ourselves we can find careers that really fit us, however we still need to seek out the work we want to do and land the job. Personal branding is the way of the future for job seeking and ultimately being hired. Personal branding includes learning how to market yourself into the digital world and make it easy for hiring agencies/organizations to see you beyond your resume and cover letter. LinkedIn profiles, portfolios, personal websites, and even Facebook accounts can be optimized to allow people to easily access the information and see what you offer. Learning how to help people do this kind of personal branding and marketing is going to be essential in the years to come for Career Development Practitioners.

Q4: What additional information should our students be aware of?

I am opening the BC offices of Canada Career Counselling and Leadership Success Group in Vancouver and Victoria this summer. A career development resource that uses Career Psychologists and other Career Counselling Practitioners to aid those in need to explore their career direction, and learn the tools to best market themselves into today’s workforce

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