Adjusting to Our “New Normal”

Since its inception, Life Strategies Ltd. has been a home-based company with staff working remotely for at least part of their time, collaborating across communities throughout BC, Canada, and beyond. It’s not often you’ll find our staff and associates in the same place at the same time.

We’ve embedded virtual solutions in a wide variety of projects including research, corporate consultation, and e-learning. Although COVID-19 hasn’t really changed our day-to-day operations, it has illuminated the relevance of many of the “tip sheets” we’ve crafted over the years for individuals, students, and organizations struggling to adapt to change and to adopt virtual solutions.

All of those tip sheets are freely available online – many have resulted from past webinars, consultations, and presentations, so please reach out ( if we can help you or your team to navigate your current transition to working virtually.

Topically clustered below, here are 150 tips to get you started!

Virtual Solutions


Dealing with Change & Transition

Mental Health & Wellness

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