e-Learning with Life Strategies Ltd.

Life Strategies has been offering e-solutions for busy career development professionals (CDPs) since 2004 with the launch of the Career Management Professional Program (CMPP). We’ve refined and expanded our course offerings over the years, adapting to the emerging training needs of CDPs. We now offer several additional stand-alone courses – Case Manager, Job Developer, and Psychometric Assessment training.

With COVID-19 sending many training providers scrambling to implement e-learning solutions, we’ve continued to offer high-quality training which connects professionals across Canada (and internationally) with experienced, qualified instructors.

Our e-Learning Structure

e-Learning actually represents a wide array of online course structures and as you might imagine, not all programs are created equally – on one end of the spectrum, fully self-directed programs lack interaction and require a high-level of student motivation; on the other, solely webinar-based programs may be offered at inconvenient hours or are inaccessible for those without the reliable, high-speed Internet required for video streaming. Our e-learning course structure provides students the ability to seamlessly integrate professional development into their schedule without loosing the interaction – it’s the best of both worlds.

Each course is divided into several topics scheduled to run over a few days with targeted learning activities:

  • Review a diverse set of resources (e.g., articles, videos) informed by industry best practices
  • Join your peers within reflective, asynchronous discussion forums facilitated by the instructor and, in some instances where scheduling permits, attend a live session
  • Submit targeted assignments designed to move beyond theory and reflection to support real-world application of learning

Register Now & Save

Throughout August, all courses will be available for 10% off; register for 3 or more courses on one order and receive an additional 10% off. This is a great time to plan ahead for Fall 2020 – see our course schedule.

Need Funding?

You and your employer may qualify for the Canada Jobs Grant – check out your province/territory’s website for details (e.g., BC Employer Training Grant, Canada-Ontario Job Grant).

New Referral Program

If you have you taken a course before and enjoyed your experience, consider referring another individual so they too can engage in professional development. They will save the new student application fee (i.e., $35.00) and you’ll be entered into a draw for a $100 VISA gift card (deadline for submissions August 31, 2020).

To be entered, the new student must provide your name/email within the “How did you hear about our courses?” section of their new student application form submission.

Orientation & Welcome

Interested in learning more about our programs and courses, email studentadvisor@lifestrategies.ca to join our Orientation & Welcome live webinar (max 100) scheduled for Thursday, August 27 9:00am PT.

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