Career Recovery: A Chance to Re-think Our Purpose

The interconnectivity of our worlds realities and daily lives have always been there; however, todays circumstances have made this fact glaringly obvious. The global pandemic and other social, cultural, and economic drivers have continually challenged our sense of agency asking us to re-think what a “good life” and our career futures are. 

When we think of career” we might jump straight to “the job you do for most of your life;” however, career is much more than that. Career is the path that we walk to live a fulfilling and meaningful life.

Spencer Niles, Norman Amundson, Roberta Borgen, and Hyung Joon Yoon invite us to re-think what “career” means through their book Career Recovery: Creating Hopeful Careers in Difficult Times (2021). They share strategies that allow readers to examine career recovery” – a chance to rethink our identity/value and apply those more intentionally to life, learning, and work.  

When I think about career recovery, I don’t only think about coming back to work after the pandemic. My mind goes back to those times when I wonder how the things I do every day express what matters to me. I consider different work environments that may or may not align with traditional conceptualizations within my profession. I think about ownership and possibility. It inspires me to encourage others to recover their career path by regaining ownership of their lives. I think about creating hopeful futures.  

Life Strategies wants to encourage others to think more hopefully and intentionally about their futures too. We are currently developing a course that incorporates this hope-infused approach for clients in the process of career recovery. By providing a safe space for people to reflect deeply on their own identity, skills, values, and life purposes, we wish to help them rethink new career possibilities for the future. 

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