Canada Career Week

We’re part-way through Canada Career Week and, as you read this, I hope you’ve already taken some time to reflect on your career direction. For many, career management is one of those things that is out of sight and out of mind – that is, until you find yourself dissatisfied, disengaged, or unemployed, often unexpectedly.

Proactive career management strategies can help you better navigate your career path, uncovering new opportunities and challenges to build your skills and foster career engagement. Some strategies include enrolling in workshops, attending conferences, writing articles, and networking with professionals in your field.

Take the time this week to reflect on what you’re doing to manage your career. Is it effective? What else could you do? What are others in your field doing? Make a plan to keep career management a top priority in your life. Keep yourself on track by scheduling career conversations with your employer or a career coach/counsellor.

Want to learn more? Take the Career Development Challenge at and get involved in the career discussions this week at, (, and @cccdchallenge. Use the hashtags #CanadaCareerWeek, #career, #careertransition, #careerdevelopment, #CCCD, and/or #CCCDChallenge.


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