New Moms and the Complexities of Returning to Work . . . Or Not

In today’s society, it’s not surprising that most families need a dual income to raise children. However, if financial constraints are the only reason you’re returning to work soon after having a baby, this may place undue pressure on you and your family. Beyond money, take time to examine the factors that may be “pushing” you back to work, perhaps before you are ready. Also reflect on what may be “pulling” you back (e.g., interesting projects, supportive team); even if your work isn’t your “passion,” you could simply be aching for an “adult conversation” or “baby break.” Regardless of when you return to work, keep in mind that adjustments will need to be made . . . being a working mom is the new normal for you now.

Consider what supports you might need in order to make returning to work feasible. Do you have family nearby that can help with childcare? Can you arrange reduced work hours to ease back in, while maintaining some of your maternity benefits? Can you make alternative working arrangements such as working from home, at night, or on weekends? Is your office “baby-friendly” (i.e., bring your baby to work)?

Be open and honest with your employer, and your loved ones, with what you need to make it work. Evaluate and readjust if necessary and don’t forget self-care.

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