Conference Reflections – Maximizing ROI

Gold Medalists 2015I spend a lot of time at professional conferences – last year alone, I presented at conferences in Ottawa, Vancouver (twice), Perth, Niagara Falls, Tokyo, and Tsukaba, Japan, and was on the Asia Pacific Career Development Association team at an international symposium in Des Moines, Iowa. As I was flying home from the recent Cannexus conference in Ottawa, I reflected on the benefits I’ve gained from attending conferences and tips for maximizing the return on that investment (ROI). I’ve briefly summarized my reflections here; click on the tip sheet link for an expansion of each point.

10 Ways to Maximize ROI from conferences

  1. Submit a proposal
  2. Seek funding
  3. Register early
  4. Reduce costs
  5. Check the program
  6. Schedule meetings
  7. Integrate local activities
  8. Attend relevant sessions
  9. Share what you learn
  10. Follow-up

Aside from the “fun” of attending conferences (i.e., seeing new places, connecting with colleagues, updating your professional toolkit), there may be significant, ongoing benefits from the time and money you strategically invest.

Contributed by Dr. Roberta Neault, President, Life Strategies Ltd. / Associate Dean, Faculty of Behavioural Sciences, Yorkville University.




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