Career Conversations in the Workplace – Getting Started

Although, career management has traditionally been viewed as the sole responsibility of the employee, there is growing evidence that employer-supported career initiatives can help engage, retain, and develop workers.

Career conversations between managers and employees are an excellent way to bring a career focus into the workplace. Different than performance reviews, career conversations provide an opportunity for employees to express their career aspirations and concernCareer Conversationss, explore opportunities, and identify goals and next steps. At the same time, the employers can identify what supports they can provide and offer insights into how the employee might fit into the organizational goals and plans.

If you’re not sure where to start, the Career Conversations toolkit from Antoinette Oglethorpe Talent Development provides guiding questions organized into 10 distinct phases. Begin by helping employees explore their career platform (i.e., where they are starting from?) and their career journal so far. Together explore options, set goals, and monitor progress). See more at

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