Introducing the Newly Revised So You Want to be a Case Manager? A Career Practitioner’s Toolkit

We are excited to announce the release of a new resource for case managers within the career development sector: So You Want to be a Case Manager? A Career Practitioner’s Toolkit.

LS Cover ImageCase management is an emerging area of specialization within the sector. Recent research has highlighted the need for effective case management training and a commitment from case managers to invest in their own professional development. Although generic case management resources are available, they are not customized for the sector and some are quite expensive.

When case management was first introduced within the sector in BC, Life Strategies was part of a team that developed a case management “journal” for ENET (which later merged to become the BC Career Development Association [BCCDA]). Although this resource is still available through the BCCDA, with the changing landscape of career development in Canada, a revision was well overdue. To meet this need, we approached the Canadian Career Development Foundation (CCDF), proposing a freely accessible updated toolkit for career development practitioners across Canada and beyond.

An environmental scan, interviews, and a focus group informed the revision ensuring the end product would meet the needs of case managers. The draft was piloted within Life Strategies’ Case Manager certificate program and key informants also provided feedback.

The final product comprises four parts and includes a variety of reproducible handouts and helpful resources.

  • Part 1: The Profession of Case Management
    • Historical Context
    • Standards of Practice
    • Models
    • Scope of the Role
  • Part 2: Case Management Competencies
    • Understanding Mandates
    • Building a Working Alliance
    • Advocacy
    • Cultural/Diversity Competency
    • Case Notes
    • Community Connections
    • Coordinating Interventions
    • Managing Time and Prioritizing Needs
  • Part 3: The Process of Case Management
    • Needs Assessment
    • Case Conceptualization
    • Making Decisions
    • Collaborative Action Planning
    • Making Referrals
    • Exploring Opportunities
    • Measuring and Evaluating Progress / Making Adjustments
    • Transition and Closing the Case
  • Part 4: Today’s Realities: Concerns from the Field
    • Critical Thinking and Reflective Practice
    • Clinical / Practice Supervision
    • Leadership Development
    • Collaboration and Community Capacity Building
    • Career Engagement


“This resource is comprehensive and informative.

It provided an excellent overview

of what it means to be a case manager in employment services

and also provided practical tools.

I particularly liked the ‘Today’s Realities’ section

and feel this could be an area

where industry leaders come together and discuss further.”

~ Marcus Jamieson, System and Service Manager

TEAM Work Cooperative and The WorkBridge


“Provides helpful context regarding the role

of case management in career development

and addresses the challenges that are faced

by those providing case management services”

~ Paula Wischoff Yerama, CCDP

Executive Director, Career Development Association of Alberta

“A great guide for individuals just starting to

dip their toe into career focused case management.”

~ Lena MacLure CCC

Career Counsellor and Case Manager


We’d like to thank the CCDF Board of Governors for their funding support for this version of the guide, the colleagues who offered their guidance and expertise throughout the revision process, and the students who piloted drafts of the toolkit.

Click here to download a free PDF copy or order a printed version for $15.95 from our online store.

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