Career Inspiration: Olympic Edition

Contributed by Kristin Konieczny

This month, the world has directed their attention to the 2016 Summer Olympic games. When watching the endless hours of coverage, it’s easy to appreciate the thing that unites these tremendous athletes – the hours of training, practice, and competition they’ve put into reaching what is likely the pinnacle of their athletic career. Some athletes reach the Olympic stage and never have the opportunity to return; others have returned as Olympians over and over.

As a retired national level rugby player, the amount of pride and joy I had for the Canadian women’s 7’s rugby team winning the bronze medal was immeasurable. I longed to be with them. I even longed to be one of them, sharing the field as they represented our country with such pride.

The evolution of any career can mirror, in part, the athletic careers of the Olympians we’re watching. A quote comes to mind, “every journey begins with a single step, you’ll never finish if you don’t start.” This is as true for athletes as it is for non-athletes; we’re all taking steps towards where we want to go. It requires humility to know that our dream career (athletic or not) won’t magically land in our lap over night. Just as it takes time, perseverance and dedication to train as an athlete, it also takes time, perseverance and dedication to develop the skills necessary to excel in a particular industry and career.

Let us be inspired by these athletes! Go Canada!

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