Community over Competition

A friend of my works as a part-time photographer and I really love the concept of “community over competition” that she and peers operate by. It’s the idea that professionals don’t need to get caught up in competing over clients; there is enough space in the market for everyone to thrive. Further, they can help each other market services and develop their skills. It’s about building a community where professionals can learn from each other, support one another, and cross-promote rather than compete. This is an opportunity for everyone to benefit.

With November being Canada Career Month, I’m reflecting on the career development “community.” Although government-funded service providers aren’t necessary “competing” for clients, are we doing enough to learn from each other? Sharing our challenges and innovative solutions to improve client outcomes can benefit everyone. Do you know what’s happening locally, provincially, nationally, or even internationally and how that can support your work?

Let’s get out of our silos and support effective career development practice throughout our communities and in a broader setting (e.g., school, work). Part of that is spreading the word about what “career development” is and why it matters. Join the discussion this month – visit


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