Fitting Professional Development Into Your Crazy Busy Life

Was one of your New Year’s resolutions to engage in some professional development? Wondering how to make room for it? Have you considered learning online? Deirdre’s working on a PhD from Fielding University in the US, offered in a blended model. I teach for both Yorkville and Athabasca University, in both cases in courses that […]... Read More
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Stress . . . What does that even mean?

It seems that in every conversation we’ve had lately, the phrase “I’m stressed” comes up. It may not be the primary point of the conversation . . . but it’s generally an underlying message. If you’re feeling stressed, especially as the holiday season approaches, it may be helpful to take a moment to sort out […]... Read More

Productivity for Working Moms: Where to Start

Being a mother is unlike any other job out there. It is a continual juggling of running a household and attending to the needs of everyone in our care. Throwing a career into the mix is like throwing accelerant onto a fire, without careful tending something is bound to get out of control. Some moms […]... Read More

Can You Choose the Perfect Career?

Many high school and even college students feel the pressure of deciding what to do with the rest of their lives. They may have dreams of a six figure salary and a job they absolutely love, but how do they get there from here? Once a decision is made many people will find life getting […]... Read More

Finding Flow…

I’m currrently just finishing my contributions to a book on “Career Flow” (co-authored with Norm Amundson and Spencer Niles). Csikszentmihalyi has previously written about “Flow” as “optimal experience” – those wonderful moments when you are so throoughly engaged in an enjoyable activity that you lose all track of time as things click along perfectly for […]... Read More
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Work-Life Balance

    Work. Lots of stuff goes on at work — interpersonal dynamics, personality clashes, team cohesiveness, corporate culture — and then economic ups and downs. Findings ways to regroup, streamline, engage, and play up strengths available is something company management and leadership looks to do. Many companies right now are evaluating how best to […]... Read More

The Quest for Balance in Personal and Professional Lives

The idea of balance is sometimes an elusive one. Everyone strives for it. Much has been written on it…. but working for it and attaining it is another level of commitment and awareness — but oh so worth it! In my own efforts to navigate the ocean of work/life balance, I find that this is […]... Read More

Picture Book of Goals: Happenstance

When creating a picture book of goals, it is infused with very personal goals and emotions. Sometimes, we have precise ideas about what it is that we want, which will reduce the number of possibilities that could be considered as resolutions, or solutions, to the desired goal. By putting images and words on a visualization […]... Read More

Recipe for Sustainability: An Employee Perspective

  Recipe for Sustainability: An Employee Perspective 1 Cup of Flexibility 2 Cups of Work-Life Balance 1 Teaspoon of Lifelong Learning 1 Dash of Employee Incentives and Appreciation It’s almost hard to believe that I have been working at Life Strategies for over 2 years now…looking back it still feels like it was just yesterday […]... Read More