Beyond “Career” Engagement: A Model for Other Life Roles?

Hockey legend, Wayne Gretzky, is known for saying that he “skated to where the puck was going to be.” I’m feeling a bit like that right now with the Career Engagement model that Deirdre Pickerell and I co-developed in 2011. Although the model immediately resonated with people back then, and we’ve since conducted research and […]... Read More
Career Engagement Model

Exploring Career Engagement

Career engagement is defined as the emotional and cognitive connection to one’s career; it is a state where one is focused, energized, and able to derive pleasure from life’s activities. Career engagement focuses on the dynamic interaction between challenge (i.e., level of difficulty; stimulating, fascinating, and invigorating activities) and capacity (i.e., skills, resources, relationships, conflicts). […]... Read More
Career Engagement Model

New Year, New Career Survey Results

New Year’s marks a time of change for many people – some resolve to work off those holiday pounds, or reconnect with family / friends, while others plan to return to school or transition from one career (or job) to another. In a recent survey, exploring career transition, engagement, and balance, nearly 63% of respondents […]... Read More