Keeping Your New Year’s Resolution by Shifting Perspectives

When the clock struck twelve midnight on January 1st, the sounds of celebration blasted through the night, joyful for what they had achieved, relieved for what they were leaving behind, and hopeful for a new beginning and brighter days to come. In that time of reflection, many of us made commitments to improve ourselves in […]... Read More
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Career Inspiration: Olympic Edition

Contributed by Kristin Konieczny This month, the world has directed their attention to the 2016 Summer Olympic games. When watching the endless hours of coverage, it’s easy to appreciate the thing that unites these tremendous athletes – the hours of training, practice, and competition they’ve put into reaching what is likely the pinnacle of their […]... Read More

2015 . . . The Year to Finally Embrace the Chaos of “Career”

Many New Year’s resolutions focus on finding better or more satisfying work, improving work-life balance, or getting a raise or promotion. In seeking to fulfill these resolutions, people will set goals and create actions plans, and then be frustrated when these carefully-crafted plans fail. That may seem harsh but by now, nearing the end of […]... Read More
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FROZEN: Lessons Learned Through Grief

As a counsellor and career practitioner, grief and loss are familiar to me. Many clients in career transitions are grieving the loss of a familiar job and facing an uncertain future. The roller coaster of unemployment conceptualized by Borgen and Amundson almost 2 decades ago holds true today and closely mirrors the stages of grief […]... Read More

Olympians Are The Ideal E-Coaching Clients

Photo by Dave Catchpole I love the Olympics! I’ve been watching the tv broadcasts for two days now. I find watching the Olympics inspiring. I am moved when I hear about and watch people with such determination and incredible motivation to overcome adversity, injuries, and pain, pressing on to reach towards their goals. As I think about […]... Read More
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Knowing What’s Important

Things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter least. ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Our last newsletter introduced 10 Tips for Managing Time and Prioritizing Tasks; it included setting goals and rewards, investing time in scheduling, and making effective use of technology. All these tips will help you organize […]... Read More
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Back to School: Accelerate Your Learning Success

I’m definitely a lifelong learner. I recall, as a preschooler, setting up my friends on apple crates, around a shiny blackboard that my Dad had painted for me to write on with chalk. I joined the future-teachers’ club in high school, then got a teaching degree in university. Now I teach university myself – and […]... Read More

Retirement Readiness

Don’t simply retire from something; have something to retire to. ~Harry Emerson Fosdick In doing a Google search for “retirement readiness,” the first several pages of results focused on financial readiness. This likely makes sense; in 2009 MacLean’s magazine did a series on Canada’s Retirement Crisis in which they noted that two-thirds of retirees are […]... Read More