Time to Take Action

In previous blogs we’ve introduced the steps outlined in our Let’s CHAT! coaching model. The last component is Take Action– a very timely topic for the new year. In concluding coaching sessions with employees or work groups, take the time to set goals and develop an action plan assigning tasks and setting due dates. A […]... Read More

Hope – The Centre of Career Flow / The Message of Christmas

In preparing to write about “hope,” I googled the term. Perhaps not surprisingly, the first “hit” was Wikipedia – it’s worth a quick read. (As an aside, the second “hit” was a beautiful mountain community about an hour away from our head offices – Hope, BC :-)). In the Wikipedia definition of hope, reference is […]... Read More

The Green Age

Social responsibility and “going green” are new trends of the new Millennium amongst the general public and within the business world. There are many ways to pledge your commitment to the sustainability of the global environment all while getting fellow colleagues and employees excited and engaged in this beneficial endeavour. As a new member at […]... Read More
Blog Talent

How to Maximize Your Talents at Work

Maximizing your talents and showing your employer your diverse set of skills can help to put you and your career in the spotlight. To maximize your talents you must recognize your own strengths. If you’re not sure what your strengths are, try asking friends and family “What do you think I’m good at?” You may […]... Read More

Best Job in the World Competition

You may have heard of the recent competition to be the caretaker of an island in Australia. The “gruelling” position (please note sarcasm) has earned the winning candidate a 6 month contract worth $150,000. The successful candidate’s job duties are to explore the island (e.g., lie on the beach, go snorkelling), complete some minor tasks, […]... Read More

New Year, New Goals

With a new year come new goals and fresh starts. Goals & Fresh Starts Part of being involved in career development involves helping people clarify their goals, and find ways to realize them, if possible. Some people are facing changes brought on by the global economic downturn — they might have to search for more work, […]... Read More

The Quest for Balance in Personal and Professional Lives

The idea of balance is sometimes an elusive one. Everyone strives for it. Much has been written on it…. but working for it and attaining it is another level of commitment and awareness — but oh so worth it! In my own efforts to navigate the ocean of work/life balance, I find that this is […]... Read More