Keeping Your New Year’s Resolution by Shifting Perspectives

When the clock struck twelve midnight on January 1st, the sounds of celebration blasted through the night, joyful for what they had achieved, relieved for what they were leaving behind, and hopeful for a new beginning and brighter days to come. In that time of reflection, many of us made commitments to improve ourselves in […]... Read More

Canada Career Month – What Have We Learned?

Canada Career Month 2016 is coming to an end and, at some point, those behind the initiative will likely evaluate its impact and determine its overall success. It has been exciting to see the evolution from career week to career month and how technology and social media have been leveraged to help spread the word. […]... Read More
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Career Inspiration: Olympic Edition

Contributed by Kristin Konieczny This month, the world has directed their attention to the 2016 Summer Olympic games. When watching the endless hours of coverage, it’s easy to appreciate the thing that unites these tremendous athletes – the hours of training, practice, and competition they’ve put into reaching what is likely the pinnacle of their […]... Read More
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FROZEN: Lessons Learned Through Grief

As a counsellor and career practitioner, grief and loss are familiar to me. Many clients in career transitions are grieving the loss of a familiar job and facing an uncertain future. The roller coaster of unemployment conceptualized by Borgen and Amundson almost 2 decades ago holds true today and closely mirrors the stages of grief […]... Read More