Embracing Technology and Building Technical Skills

Technological advances are pervasive in our society, impacting almost every aspect of our life – including work. Smartphones, laptops, and/or tablets are used daily and information can be pulled seamlessly off the “cloud.” In some cases, we don’t even need to press buttons but rather simply wave our hand or ask a question to get a […]... Read More

10 Tips For Building Self-Confidence As A Mature Job Seeker

Contributed by Sharon Welch 1.  Stay current with today’s workforce. Many jobs are based on contract work, and workers can expect to move through several jobs throughout their careers. Longevity with a single employer and job security are far less prominent than in the past. Legislation has also changed, so do some research to understand […]... Read More

Surviving Your New Job: Tips for Older Workers

Contributed by Michele Matheson  Older workers often face many myths and unique struggles while finding a new job. Upon arrival to their new workplace they may not see peers that resemble themselves age wise immediately. Working with their new team they may not feel the fit right away. Their peers may have some interesting pre-conceived […]... Read More