How Optimistic Are You?

Those of us who favour looking at the bright side of life and seeing opportunities in less than ideal circumstances are prototypical optimists. Technically, optimism is the systematic tendency to expect the best possible outcomes. Some argue it’s merely a bias we’re hardwired to experience (see the Optimism Bias by Tali Sharot). Regardless of its’ […]... Read More

Hope – The Centre of Career Flow / The Message of Christmas

In preparing to write about “hope,” I googled the term. Perhaps not surprisingly, the first “hit” was Wikipedia – it’s worth a quick read. (As an aside, the second “hit” was a beautiful mountain community about an hour away from our head offices – Hope, BC :-)). In the Wikipedia definition of hope, reference is […]... Read More

Finding Flow…

I’m currrently just finishing my contributions to a book on “Career Flow” (co-authored with Norm Amundson and Spencer Niles). Csikszentmihalyi has previously written about “Flow” as “optimal experience” – those wonderful moments when you are so throoughly engaged in an enjoyable activity that you lose all track of time as things click along perfectly for […]... Read More

Picture Book of Goals: Happenstance

When creating a picture book of goals, it is infused with very personal goals and emotions. Sometimes, we have precise ideas about what it is that we want, which will reduce the number of possibilities that could be considered as resolutions, or solutions, to the desired goal. By putting images and words on a visualization […]... Read More