Embracing Technology and Building Technical Skills

Technological advances are pervasive in our society, impacting almost every aspect of our life – including work. Smartphones, laptops, and/or tablets are used daily and information can be pulled seamlessly off the “cloud.” In some cases, we don’t even need to press buttons but rather simply wave our hand or ask a question to get a […]... Read More

The Logistics Of e-Coaching

Mention you’re thinking about e-counselling or coaching, whether as a client or as a professional, and you’ll almost certainly get mixed reactions. Some people embrace the idea; others will tell you it can’t be done. Most fall somewhere between those extremes. We’ve chosen to co-author this article from a middle ground perspective; having experienced e-counselling/coaching […]... Read More

Getting Started With Virtual Facilitation Technologies

With so many virtual technologies available, it’s no wonder many academic institutions, corporations, and associations are turning to online methods for connecting with dispersed learners, staff, colleagues, peers, and clients. However, not all technology is created equal and not everyone can effectively select and integrate virtual technologies with everyday tasks. Furthermore, not everyone has the […]... Read More