In theory . . .

Does your career journey seem a bit random at times? Do you have a hard time identifying what you like about the work you’re doing, what you don’t, and why? Are you puzzled about what seems to be working and what’s not? Or grappling with how to move forward in an increasingly unpredictable workplace? Have […]... Read More

Why Does Theory Matter?

  Career development practitioners are, as their title implies, “practitioners.” They do things with and for people, to help their clients set and achieve career and employment-related goals. They are not primarily engaged as researchers, theorists, scientists, or philosophers. Past surveys have revealed that many don’t understand the relevance of studying about career theories and/or […]... Read More

Theoretical Musings . . .

According to Oxford Dictionaries, theories serve multiple purposes: “to explain something,” to offer “principles on which . . . practice . . . is based,” and “to account for a situation or justify a course of action.” For Career Development Practitioners (CDPs), as well as for other helping professionals, theory is essential to our practice. […]... Read More