RN Blog Retracing Your Career Steps 2016 07 11

Retracing Your Career Steps

Norm Amundson, in his “physics of living” model, speaks of the importance of the backswing to any effective type of forward motion. As I prepare for an upcoming move of my home and offices, I’ve been taking the time to sort through files and boxes that have travelled with me over the course of my […]... Read More
Career Engagement Model

Exploring Career Engagement

Career engagement is defined as the emotional and cognitive connection to one’s career; it is a state where one is focused, energized, and able to derive pleasure from life’s activities. Career engagement focuses on the dynamic interaction between challenge (i.e., level of difficulty; stimulating, fascinating, and invigorating activities) and capacity (i.e., skills, resources, relationships, conflicts). […]... Read More
Career Engagement Model

Consider Your Career Engagement When Feeling Stressed

In our recent survey on stress management, nearly 61% of respondents reported they were at least somewhat stressed; however, 81% reported they managed their stress either effectively or somewhat effectively. Respondents shared several tips that we compiled into our latest tip sheet – 10 Strategies for Managing Your Stress.    Any research into stress management […]... Read More
Career Engagement Model

New Year, New Career Survey Results

New Year’s marks a time of change for many people – some resolve to work off those holiday pounds, or reconnect with family / friends, while others plan to return to school or transition from one career (or job) to another. In a recent survey, exploring career transition, engagement, and balance, nearly 63% of respondents […]... Read More